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Tiago - Fotografia tutor
Tiago is a multimedia storyteller. He started his career as a photographer, published in prestigious magazines and developed…
Português, Inglês, Fotografia
Estagiário, Universidade, Adultos
Idioma de ensino : English, Portuguese, Spanish, French
Danny - Fotografia tutor
Hello, I'm Danny Bittencourt, I'm a photographer and over the 16 years of my career I've been able to share my research through…
Fotografia, Arte, Mentoria
Ensino secundário, Estagiário, Universidade, Adultos
Idioma de ensino : English, Portuguese
Calmo Gosto de apostar na componente prática
Fotografia, Design
Escola primária, Ensino básico
Idioma de ensino : Portuguesenativo
Encontrámos 3 professores de Fotografia para si
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Kimia, 10 июл’ 24
Elham is an outstanding French teacher who has had a profound impact on my language learning. Her classes are engaging, dynamic, and challenging, always pushing students to improve their language skills. Her teaching style seamlessly blends grammar instruction, vocabulary building, and cultural exploration. I particularly enjoyed the interactive activities, thought-provoking discussions, and opportunities to practice conversing in French during her lessons. She is always available for extra help, provides detailed feedback on assignments. Her genuine care for her students' progress and success is truly admirable. I highly recommend her without a doubt to any student looking to learn French in a dynamic, enriching, and supportive environment.
Kimia, 10 июл’ 24
She has been one of the best teachers I've ever had. She has excellent knowledge in the French language. She always motivates students to improve their language skills. She makes all her students cooperate in class exercises. She has an energetic personality which makes students interested in the class. She usually does extra exercises to show every perspective of each lesson, which includes grammars , vocabulary, and cultural explorations, and to develop the ability to use them properly. Sometimes she uses videos, music, books, and novels as teaching tools. She would answer students' questions generously and she would help you on your learning path.
Good luck 🍀 you , 4 июл’ 24
Good job 👍👑
Franc, 27 июн’ 24
Very good professional!
Excellent Spanish Tutor , 20 июн’ 24
Being from a Spanish household we wanted to teach our son conversational Spanish. We have been using Anastasia and i have to say that we are most impressed. She provides excellent preparation for each lessons and is very attentive and always willing to go the extra mile.
James Smith, 10 июн’ 24
Hes excellent,kind and very friendly, i would definitely recommend.